• • Office Parking Area
  • • Truck Parking Area
  • • Canteen Office
  • • Garden
  • • Security Cabin
  • • Canteen for Drivers
  • • Gazebo
  • • Safety Gates
  • • Street Lights
  • • RCC Road
  • • 100% Dust Free
  • • Individual Gate
  • • Fire Hydrant System
  • • CCTV Camera


Filling murrum or good quality earth supply by us as per layer maximum 2’ height, watering and rolling with vibro roller to compact it and again as same for more thickness.

GSB-1 & GSB-2

Providing, carting, stacking and laying GSB-1 (80% metal & 20% choliu) in a loose layer of 9” thick in proper line and level. Rolling with vibro roller, watering and re rolling etc. complete.


Collecting, carting, stacking and spreading on sub-base. Wet Mix (60 mm to 90 mm size semi special over size metal, 25 mm to 40 mm size semi special metal, stone chips and Cory dust mixed) 9” thick soling as specified and spreading grade and chamber, leveling and consolidating with vibrator roller, watering and re rolling with vibrator roller etc. complete.


Cleaning existing surface & removing all extra material. Fixing MS channels in proper line & level for side shuttering to construct RCC road on sub base surface. Providing and laying RMC for floor concrete in a 9” thick layer between two MS channels, leveling concrete by using double beam screed vibrator, spreading floor hardener @ 4 kgs/sq. mt & finished by using Tremix power floater & power trowel. The construction & expansion joints shall be provided at proper intervals, cutting grooves by cutter machine.